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Permanent Make-up

The idea of ​​permanent make-up was already there thousands of years ago. What was then done with bamboo sticks has evolved over the years and is now a modern established practice. It has required many years of research to develop the Bamboo sticks technique into highly technological equipment. Today's technology allows penetration of color pigments below the skin's epidermis (top layer of skin) with minimal stress and accelerated healing of the skin. The pigment normally remains there for several years.


What is permanent make-up/& cosmetic pigmentation?

With the help of very thin needles, color pigment is chaneled into the skin at a depth of between 0.3 - 0.8 mm. Eyebrows, eye contours and lips contours can be permanently highlighted or corrected without having to look ”made-up”. A permanent solution for individual wearing glasses, visually impaired, people who practice sports frequently or for those enjoying sauna and water activities. Many beauty institutes and plastic surgeons use cosmetic pigmentation to restore patients' natural appearance after accidents. A well-executed cosmetic pigmentation should provide a natural look. Thanks to the wide range of available colors, a cosmetically trained specialist can choose the best color for each individual, and perform a color test should you feel unsure. A natural result can be achieved in relation to hair and skin tone. Even scars can become much paler/ and almost invisible when treated with skin tone colored pigments.



A safe alternative to make-up
The pigment in Tina Davies permablend colors are particularly finely divided and intense. They are made with the highest quality color pigments and with ingredients suitable for sensitive skin. The pigments are product-safety tested by the well-known German laboratory GmbH Bielefeld according to EU and Swedish regulations (ResAP 2008) regarding tattoo pigments and permanent make-up colors. The risk of allergic reactions is very low but cannot be completely excluded. Your therapist has access to full safety data sheets, and you can also find them on our home page.


For who and why?

-Permanent make-up is a great  alternative for those wearing contact lenses, glasses or people who experience difficulties seeing while putting on make-up.

 -Suits older individuals whose hands are not as steady as they used to be.

- Individuals who suffer from diseases wich makes them appreciate permanent make-up.

-Permanent make-up is a good option for people who have a tendency to develop allergies and cannot use regular make-up.

- Ideal for athletes who wich to keep their look fresher even during hard workouts.

- For anyone who does not want to invest loads of time putting on make-up or pay traumendous amounts of money in beauty products.

Professional aestetic pigmentation with highly technological equipment 

Your permanent make –up artist  at INK STUDIO uses some of the best  technology and colors available in traditional tattoo and permanent make-up to ensure the highest quality of pigmentation treatment.

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