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About the artist

Our story
 INK STUDIO artist's Melanie H.Kjellin comes from Québec,Canada and moved to Sweden in 1998. She took her teaching  degree in, among other things, arts and technology at Stockholm University year 2008. Melanie also is  a trained and  certified permanent make-up artist from LCN beauty school of Stockholm since 2012 . She has undergone several art classes troughout the years and also teached arts in primary and high school.



-Line work / dot work


-Color work

-Black n grey
 -American traditional

-Ornamental /mandala
-Customised free hand body pieces

After completing her bachelor degree in arts Melanie went on and completed a 2 years apprenticeship period at HOUSE OF PAIN tattoo center in Eskilstuna, Sweden in 2011. Meanwhile she paralelly educated herself  in cosmetic pigmentation and became an approved permanent make-up artist year 2012.


The artist first came in contact with art and creativity as a child, thrue her father who was an architectat the time. Melanie often got to follow her father to work as a child and there was always creative material at the office wich she  was allowed to "play" with while her father was working. She picked up an early interest for colors & shapes, which quickly turned into a favorite hobby. The visits at the office were wonderful opportunities to get acquainted with creative material as well as drawing of digital pictures on the first paint program, which also quickly became a favorite! :)


The artist's' interest for art and creativity has continued to grow ever since then. Due to her love for the punk rock scene Melanie aquired influences from the music and life style quiet early in life and started to gain interest for  body modifications as an art and self-expression form.  She therefore pierced her own nose at  age 12 and went on getting her verry first tattoo at age 16 ( Yes, it was illegalt to tattoo minors then too..!) in a random tattoo studio in Montreal, Canada.


After several years in the teaching proffession, Melanie decided to leave the teaching gig, re-engage with her great  passion and decided to open her own tattoo studio. INK STUDIO's artist  is now living her dream and her interest for art and alternative forms of expressions continues to grow by the day.

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