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During the healing period (first 2 weeks) it is important that you:

- Protect the area from water while showering or bathing

-Do not scratch or piel off scabs as it maight result in color loss, impaired healing or cause infection

-Apply a thin layer of ointment on the treated area 2-3 times / day (* NOTE * skin must be able to breathe!)

-Do not use any other skin care, ointments or lotions, nor anything that covers the newly treated area. Make sure to have clean hair if there is a chance that they can come in contact with the treated area.

-Avoid baths, saunas,  swimming pools and hard activities where you sweat a lot (gym and yoga included)

-Cease all aftercare treatment with ointment if irritation and redness occurs. Clean with mild soap and water, dab dry with clean paper towel or towel, wash lightly with peroxyde solution/cotton toss and let the area breath. Contact your artist if the redness and irritation do not settle as you may have an infection and be in need of antibiotics.

Should you not get hold of us do not wait and contact your health center. There is no guarantee that you will not suffer from infections but by following these care instructions you will reduce the risks considerably. You are welcome to get in touch with us  if there is anything else you are wondering about.




Take good care of you and your new permanent make up and welcome back!

Tipss & trickss for a successfull  treatment:


-Using drugs or drink alcohol 24 - 48 hours prior to treatment
 - Coffee or coffein drinks a few hours prior to treatment
- Pain killers containing aspiriin or ibuprofen for pain  a day prior to treatment (blood thinners)
-Picking/tweezing/waxing/electrolysise one week before treatment
-Tanning or having sunburn on your face 2 weeks prior to treatment
- Facialpeeling 2 weeks prior to treatment
- Vitamin A/Retinol products 1 month prior to treatment
-Working out the day of the procedure
- Botox 3 week prior to treatment
-Fish Oil and Vitamin E 1 week prior to treatment (blood thinners)
-Waxing or tinting your eyebrows 3 days prior to treatment.

After care

The day of the treatment: Absorb
Gently pad the area with a clean tissue to absorb excess lymph fluid. Do this whenever you need for the day.  Removing this fluid prevents hardening of the lymph. Make sure tissue and hands are clean! Avoid touching the area if you do not have the possibility to wash your hands and use a clean paper prior to doing so.


Day 1-14

 Wash the area with (mild & perfume free) soap/water prior going to bed. With a very light touch, use your fingertips to gently cleanse the area. Rub the area in a smooth motion for 5-10 sec. and rinse carefuly ensuring that all soap is rinsed away. Gently pat with a dry clean towel. Let the skinn air dry and breath 5-10min. Never put ointment on a wet or damp tattoo! Let the skinn dry and breath . Wash dayly with (mild & perfume free) soap/ water to remove eventual bacterias, and residues of color and dead skin. DO NOT use any cleansing products containing acids (glycolic, lactic, or AHA), or any exfoliants.


Apply a  verry thin amount of aftercare to the area with a cotton swab and gently stroke over the skin. Be sure not to over-apply aftercare as it will suffocate the skin and delay healing. The ointment should barely be noticeable on the skin.

Important hacks to avoid ev. complications/infections:
-DO NOT rub, pick or scratch the treated area.
 -Let scabbing and dry skin naturally fall off/exfoliate. Picking may cause scarring or colorloss.
-No facials, botox, chemical treatments or microdermabrasion for 4 weeks.
-Use a cleaned pillowcase


-Hot/sweaty exercise for 2 weeks
-Sun exposure or tanning for 4 weeks after procedure.  Wear a hat when outdoors.
.Heavy sweating and long hot showers for the first 2 weeks.
- Sleeping on your face for the first 2 weeks.
- Swimming, lakes, hot tubs for the first 2 weeks.
- All make up or ointment other then your after care on the area for the first 14 days, including sunscreen.

About showering:
Limit your showers to 5 min. so you do not create too much steam. Keep the treated area (your face) out of the water while washing your body, and wash your hair at the end of your shower. Your face should only be getting wet at the very last end of the shower.  Avoid excessive rinsing and hot water on the treated area.Remember, with the proper prep and aftercare routine you will have much better results with your permanent make-up procedure.  Wait at least 4 weeks before revisiting the studio for an eventuak touch-up so that the skin can heal properly and be strong again before another PMU procedure.

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