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1-Consultation: The first step in which the clients gets the opportunity to presents their expectation about the desired procedure. Your make –up artist documents on a customer card. Photo of the subjected area is taken both before (and after) treatment. Color, shape and placement are sketched & discussed. The consultation is free of charge.However, a deposit of 1000:- swedish crounds  is taken should the client want to go ahead and book a procedure. The deposit will not be refunded should the customer cancel later than 24h. before scheduled appointment.


2-Treatment:  A cosmetic pigmentation usualy takes about 2-3 hours, depending on the extend of the treatment. Avoid caffeine and painkillers during the hours previous to your treatment. Please note that it is impossible to predict the exact color tone right after finishing treatment as the results depends entirely on the client's own skin reaction. It is important to be aware that each client's individual skin structure, skin color and pigment, as well as needle depth, needle pressure and aftercare are all factors that can affect the final result and durability of the treatment. The treated area is photographed after the treatment and the clients gets both aftercare instructions & ointment with them home after the treatment. Note *DO NOT use any other aftercare ointment than the one recommended by your Artist as it maight involve risks for infection. The color always looks darker immediately after treatment. Excess pigment will fall off and/or be absorbed by the body within the following 14 days after your treatment. It is commun for the treated area to start itching and scabing during healing process. DO NOT SCRATCH! The healing takes about 2-3 weeks. Only then will the final result be seen.


3- A free touch-up appointment is scheduled within 4 weeks after your first procedure for follow-up and eventual "touch-up", should it be needed. Your artist will also be able to control the healing and take pictures. Pigments usually sits longer on older individuals due to the slower cell renewal process involved with the natural aging process.



Risks that cosmetic pigmentation rarely can involve:


- Acute inflammatory reactions that occurs associated with the injection of color into the skin

- In rare cases development of skin allergies / hypersensitivity to chemicals

- Scarring



Should the client regrets the procedure (against all presumption), the pigments are likely to partially or completly fade in time, due to the skin's own regeneration process,though perhaps unevenly. One can accelerate this process with for example saline solution och chemical peels. Be however verry careful NOT to do this until the skin is completely healed and restored as it may involve risk of infection and scars.

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