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INK STUDIO by Mel is a small tattoo shop runned by a qualified tattoo - & permanent make-up artist in a personal atmosphere. We design and work with both traditional tattoo art  & permanent make-up. You are welcome here whether you want a traditional tattoo art piece or wish to enjoy the benefits  that permanent make-up has to offer.
Our specializations:
-Line work / dot work
- Lettering

-Color work
-black n grey
-American traditional

- Ornamental/mandala
- Customised free hand body pieces


Our shop also offers lash enhancing lines, eye liner, lip contour, eye brows filling and freackles. More information can be found under PMU.


Click the " TATTOO REQUEST ” form  in order to book a consultation. Briefly describe your tattoo project,  the intended size (height & width in cm), wich  body part you wish to tattoo and  wich style your are looking for ( ex: American traditional, Neo trad, dot work,etc..). Please make sure to email us a sharp / clear reference picture for your project at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.




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